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    Cybernetica builds mission-critical systems for a smart and secure world. We are an SME in Estonia with 25 years of experience in building future-proof products that rely on research and development. Our technologies are used in 35 countries all over the world. Cybernetica has been a key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions, making Estonia known as the most digital society in the world. Our unique expertise ranges from secure data exchange and digital identity to i-voting, e-customs, information security and situational awareness.

    Cybernetica carries out research in close cooperation with institutes, centres of excellence, public and private sector partners in Europe, United States and Japan. We are also involved in the development of security and privacy standards. Our research focusses on analysis of complex systems, security-by-design, cryptography (including post-quantum cryptography), identity, privacy enhancing technologies, machine learning, zero knowledge and integrity. We also study how new technologies fit in different legal regimes, focussing on legal aspects of cybersecurity, privacy and identity technologies.