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The Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia (CHESS) brings together leading R&I institutions in both regions to build connected innovation ecosystems to address one of the most important issues confronting Europe today: Cyber-security.

The CHESS Hub has been designed specifically to meet the Cyber-security challenges, building two linked Hubs in Estonia and South Moravia (Czech Republic), two regions that have already become important centres of IT industry and research. We develop a joint strategy that is closely aligned to the priorities set by the H2020 flagship cyber-security pilot projects.

Our place-based ecosystems identifies research and training needs as well as executing small pilot research projects as proofs of concept or to otherwise validate technologies or their business models. We seek to bridge the research-innovation gap by connecting fundamental researchers with economic and societal exploitation. CHESS seeks to leverage local and regional resources to support development and sustainability of the ecosystem.

CHESS Brochure

A4 brochure providing the information about the CHESS project.

CHESS Poster

A3 poster providing an overview of the CHESS project.