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Training and Awareness


  • Organise training and skills-building activities for ecosystem actors.
  • Promote technology transfer and mobility within the ecosystem.
  • Build an international reputation of CHESS by providing excellent training open to global audiences.

Share interdisciplinary research connecting privacy to law, formal modelling, policy, and data privacy management via continuation of the International Workshop on Security and Privacy in Intelligent Infrastructures (SP2I) previously funded by the SPARTA project.

Hands-on trainings on security certification frameworks, such as the SCRUTINY framework developed by MUNI to automate verification of security products such as smartcards delivered to the end-user.

Cross-border knowledge exchange between academic and industrial sectors, identifying real-world problems of software development companies via tech transfer days and short-term staff exchange.

Foster discussion on Blockchain Technology problems and solutions within IoST via International Workshops on Blockchain based Secure Trusted Environment Models for IoT. Share research results of blockchain in intelligent vehicles, stimulating cross-sectoral cooperation.

Share recent developments in post-quantum crypto algorithms, risk assessment of practical information security products, usability of quantum technologies via cross-border seminars, and increase skills for practically evaluating quantum and post-quantum tech via practical hands-on workshops and study exchanges in BUT’s Quantum Security lab and Cybernetica. Educate the public on post-quantum technologies benefits where it will be introduced.

Train cyber-security students and early career professionals on cyber-security skills via hands-on workshops using our open-source interactive learning environments for cyber-security training (KYPO Cyber Range Platform and Cyber Sandbox Creator). Train students and aspiring professionals (via hands-on workshops) on how to research the behaviour and attitude of users when implementing cyber-security initiatives, such as two-factor user authentication in public open-source repositories.

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