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The Cybersecurity innovation hub

    The Cybersecurity innovation hub (CSH) is a non-profit network organization representinga multidisciplinary groupof research institutions, governmental bodies, clusters and private companies focused on cooperation, information sharing, research and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in cybersecurity. The hub cooperates with and provides support to the variety of national public authorities (National Cyber and Information Security Authority, Ministry of Justice, Czech Police, or Data Protection Authority), international institutions (ENISA, Europol or United Nations), private clusters, trade organizations, scientific parks, and private corporations. CSHcan help involveresearch, development and production infrastructures (i.e., cyber ranges, training facilities, security operations centres, proving grounds or testing infrastructures)into CHESS. CSH is involved in projects onapplied research, awareness-raising, education and training in cybersecurity, and tech transfer. CSH is strongly involved in national/regional initiatives for digitizing Czechia industry.