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Information Security and Privacy Management in Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Abstract: With the global digitalization of services, passenger Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) have emerged as transformative components, yet the practical implementation of state-of-the-art measures to ensure information security and privacy presents substantial challenges. In this article, we propose a framework for information security and privacy management. The framework is validated through two empirical studies. First, the framework is used to extract data during the literature review defining state-of-the-art aspects and measures. Second, a survey-based analysis of running passenger ITSs in selected regions of the European Union provides insights into real-life ITS implementations, enabling a thorough comparison with the proposed state-of-the-art measures. The study also showed that the proposed framework depicts some dependencies between measures, and, thus, using its matrix structure for the state of information security and privacy management in the organization helps to cross-check the usage of policies or methodologies by the organization departments. Our findings resulted in recommendations for organizations developing ITSs to enhance their information security and privacy management systems and bridge the gap between research proposals and practical implementation.

    Authors: Mariia Bakhtina, Raimundas Matulevičius, Lukaš Malina

    Published: Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly (CSIMQ) eISSN: 2255-9922 Published online by RTU Press, Article 210, Issue 38, March/April 2024, Pages 100–131.

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