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CHESS: Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia

    Abstract: Given the European Union’s aim to fully digitise by 2030, cybersecurity is one of the Europeans’ strategic goals. It requires comprehensive approaches at local, national, and European levels, emphasising both current vulnerabilities and future threats through research and innovation. This paper presents the CHESS project, the goal of which is to conduct a thorough needs analysis of the two regions (Estonia and South Moravia) and develop a joint cross-border research and innovation strategy for cybersecurity. The project targets such challenge areas as the Internet of secure things (IoST), security certification, verification of trustworthy software, security preservation in blockchain, post-quantum cryptography and human-centric aspects of security. The project contributes to strategy development on the EU level, joins policy discussions, engages with policymakers, and provides cybersecurity training for IT professionals, students, and educators.

    Authors: Mariia Bakhtina , Zuzana Vémolová and Vashek Matyáš

    Published: RPE@CAiSE’24: Research Projects Exhibition at the International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering.

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