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Looking Back at Hacking Day 2023

    Over 50 students participated in Hacking Day 2023, which took place both onsite at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University and online for Tallinn University of Technology.

    The event offered cybersecurity games designed by students of the Cyber Attack Simulation Seminar, providing a chance for both beginners and professionals to test their ethical hacking skills.

    The participants had an opportunity to play 12 challenging cybersecurity games, each with a unique scenario. Below are some of the games that our participants enjoyed:

    • The ClosedAI Intrigue
    • Operation Downfall: Sabotage at Cybertech Corp
    • Salary Problem
    • HR Infiltration: Operation Covert Deletion
    • Minecraft Diamonds Heist

    For example, in the first game, the participant is immersed in the role of a developer of ClosedAI who has been robbed by his jealous coworker Bob. The scenario included specific details about the story, and the participant had to use his hacking skills to get his data back.

    Operation Downfall presented an employee of a corrupt tech company with a challenging moral dilemma. Ultimately, he chose to enlist the help of a skilled hacker – the participant.

    “We are proud that students for students developed our games, and we aimed to create a stimulating environment where everyone can learn, experiment, and have fun while testing their hacking and cybersecurity abilities,” says Jan Vykopal, the lecturer of the Seminar and researcher in active learning.

    This event was organized thanks to the CHESS project, which teams up Estonia and South Moravia to support the EU’s safe transition to a digital society. We are thrilled to announce that we plan to host more such events. We will provide you with all the necessary updates on our website and social media platforms.

    Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in Hacking Day 2023, and we hope to see you again at our next event!