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A Model of Qualitative Factors in Forensic-Ready Software Systems

    Abstract: Forensic-ready software systems enhance the security posture by designing the systems prepared for potential investigation of incidents. Yet, the principal obstacle is defining their exact requirements, i.e., what they should implement. Such a requirement needs to be on-point and verifiable. However, what exactly comprises a forensic readiness requirement is not fully understood due to distinct fields of expertise in software engineering and digital forensics. This paper describes a forensic readiness qualitative factor reference model that enables the formulation of specific requirements for forensic-ready software systems. It organises the qualitative properties of forensic readiness into a taxonomy, which can then be used to formulate a verifiable requirement targeted at a specific quality. The model is then utilised in an automated valet parking service to define requirements addressing found inadequacies regarding a potential incident investigation.

    Authors: Lukas Daubner, Raimundas Matulevičius and Barbora Buhnova

    Published: Research Challenges in Information Science: Information Science and the Connected World. RCIS 2023. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 476. Springer, Cham

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